Emphasis on Energy Code

By Brian Redlein The DOB now reviews Energy Code on all projects, which means that getting your new building approved just got a little more complicated. Energy Code is complex, and the larger the project, the more details are required for Energy Code approval. The Hub now has a dedicated examiner looking at only Energy… View more

Keep That Roof Clear

By Austin Regan The 2014 Code is here!  As the Code changed, so too have many of the reference standards that the Code refers to. In most cases, the agency or publication is the same while the new Code just references a later version. NFPA 13 & 14 for sprinkler and standpipe still applies but… View more

LPC Prepares “No Action” Proposal

By Penny Laughlin The Landmarks Preservation Committee will hold a hearing on December 9th to review properties and propose “No Action” letters be issued for sites that have been Calendared for over 5 years, yet have not yet been designated as Landmark buildings. A ‘Calendared’ building essentially means the building or site was selected by… View more