FEMA Upgrades Datum, New Buildings Follow

By Frank Fortino Developers of new buildings and those conducting major alterations are hearing more from FEMA than they’re used to. Since Hurricane Sandy, FEMA has taken an active role in understanding, measuring and upgrading the City’s floodplains and elevations. Base flood elevations are used to determine the required elevation of new buildings in a… View more

What the Administration Have to Say?

By Austin Regan Title 28 is technically the Building Code’s “spot” in the NYC charter. The thousands of pages that make up the Building Code are all officially “adopted” under Title 28. The Building Code follows the formatting of the International Building Code (IBC) and tries to follow its language as closely as possible. The… View more

Rule RCNY 104-24 Update

By Renee Sosnowski Rule RCNY 104-24, which went into effect on April 14, 2013, contained a typographical error which was misleading in terms of establishing the requirements necessary for individuals applying for Class 2 filing representative status. Class 2 filing representatives have all of the rights of Class 1 representatives, with an added level of… View more

ZoLa Upgrade Makes Zoning Visual

By Penny Laughlin The DCP and DoITT recently updated the popular ZoLa application, which provides a simple, visual way to discover zoning and land use data for specific properties.  With an intuitive interface, the system allows users to enter an address and quickly find details on property ownership, zoning, land use citywide programs and political… View more