Proposed Rule for Violation Classification

By Renee Sosnowski Local Law 141, which goes into effect on October 1, 2014, amended some requirements, added new requirements and renumbered existing sections of the affected codes. The amendments to rule 102-01 address the changes enacted by Local Law 141 by adding 2014 code sections and descriptions to the table of violation classifications and deleting… View more

Metropolis – Gets Involved

By Brittney Rosario and Mabel Cataldo For the next three weeks, through August 22nd Metropolis Group will team up with United Way of New York City for a fantastic program geared towards elementary school kids ages 4 to 8. The program, Build a Backpack. Grow a Reader. ReadNYC Back to School Drive will provide backpacks filled… View more

Re-Building after Hurricane Sandy

By Penny Laughlin The Flood Zone requirements in a Post-Sandy world have been a bit of a moving target. Now, the DOB has finally posted a consolidated guide to development and rebuilding of projects in the Flood Zone after Sandy. The first question all developers must ask is if their location falls within the Flood… View more