How DOB NOW and BIS Handle Automatic Permit Extensions

How DOB NOW and BIS Handle Automatic Permit Extensions

By Katherine Baerga 

While permits issued by the New York City Department of Buildings are typically good for one year, these crucial documents can—and do—expire early. Specifically, New York City bases permit expiration dates on the earliest of the following: 

  • One year from date of issuance 
  • License expiration 
  • Insurance expiration (e.g., general liability, disability, workers’ compensation) 

Fortunately, both DOB NOW and the Buildings Information System (BIS) allow automatic permit extensions. 

Automatic Permit Extensions

When a permit issued in DOB NOW expires within one year because the contractor’s license or an insurance policy is expiring, the system automatically extends the permit at no cost if the license or insurance is renewed before the expiration date. 

In the BIS, any permits scheduled to expire in the next 31 days are automatically extended the night after insurance or license expiration dates are updated in the system. 

Consider the example of a general contractor whose license expires on 11/30/23 and whose general liability insurance expires on 12/31/2022, workers’ compensation insurance expires on 11/15/2023, and disability insurance expires on 11/30/2023.   

  • A permit issued on 10/1/2022 will have an expiration date of 12/31/2022 (the earliest expiration date of license and/or insurance).  
  • The Licensing Unit processes the general contractor’s new general liability insurance certificate on 12/15/2022. 
  • BIS will show a new permit expiration date of 10/1/2023—one year from the original date of issue—on 12/16/2022. 

Qualifying for Automatic Permit Extensions

To receive the automatic permit extension, contractors must submit renewal information to the DOB Licensing Unit at least five days before the permit expiration date.  

License or Insurance Lapses, Expired Permits

If the insurance or license expires, then the licensee will need to renew the permit and pay the $100 fee. Permits that expire one year after issuance also require renewal and payment of the $100 fee. 

If you have any questions or need assistance with permit renewals, please contact Metropolis Group at 212.233.6344.