Our Difference

Your Project, Our Priority

No two properties or projects are the same. This principle also applies to property owners and developers. That’s why every client and engagement at Metropolis Group benefits from a personalized approach to achieving their unique goals.

We start by listening. What challenges do you need to solve? We get to know you, your needs, and your situation. Then, we apply problem-solving skills, backed by decades of experience in code and zoning and collaboration with municipal agencies, to develop creative strategies forward. With every project we accept, our professionals make a personal investment in your success, taking ownership as we advocate on your behalf—from initial engagement to final occupancy.

A History of Innovation

When Frank Fortino founded Metropolis Group in 1988, the New York City construction industry relied heavily on paperwork and relationships. Skilled professionals guided clients through complex municipal requirements while expediters traveled to and from city agencies, ensuring timely approvals and prompt delivery of permits.

Frank envisioned an organization that would provide expert guidance and trusted counsel to the construction industry. Over the years, Metropolis distinguished itself by specializing in complex construction projects. Code and zoning experts partnered with architects and engineers to marry leading-edge design with regulations based on existing—and often historic—buildings. Seasoned project managers tracked milestones and deadlines to keep multi-year developments on schedule and within budget. Expediters still made rounds at municipal agencies but developed new skills to support clients as the approval process migrated online.

When the pandemic forced the nation to move operations online almost overnight, Metropolis guided clients through the transition, collaborating with agencies to navigate and refine the new processes. This flexibility, combined with the firm’s 35-year history of code compliance and creative problem-solving, forms the bedrock of our services today. Our knowledge of New York City construction codes and the International Building Code (IBC) allows us to help organizations across the country make their real estate holdings more sustainable and profitable.