Special Services

Complementary Services

At Metropolis Group, we perform our core services exceptionally well, but we also recognize our limitations. Moreover, the complex construction process often requires the use of objective, third-party services to provide oversight of critical project components. During the past 35 years, Metropolis has worked with many firms that provide complementary services, and we have developed close partnerships with several that share our core values.

Valuable Resources

Not surprisingly, we’ve developed the closest relationships with companies that have similar cultures to our own. The following firms all share the same client-centric approach as Metropolis Group, delivering a personalized service experience that builds long-term partnerships beyond the initial engagement.

The CASA Group helps building owners and developers navigate increasingly complex and stringent environmental, health, and safety regulations. The firm’s specialized services include environmental consulting and industrial hygiene, site logistics and due diligence, code consulting and compliance analytics, and health and safety consulting. The CASA Group tailors each engagement to the unique needs of the client to provide peace of mind throughout the project life cycle.

Marco Giardina Architecture (MGA) combines creative design and effective execution to keep construction and renovation projects on schedule and within budget. Led by Marco Giardina, a registered architect with 25+ years of experience, the firm excels at navigating challenges through innovative problem-solving. Their comprehensive knowledge of the construction process allows MGA to propose solutions that save clients money without sacrificing quality.

OnePoint Real Estate Group helps buyers, sellers, and investors by eliminating the stress that often accompanies real estate transactions. Through experience and strategic partnerships, the professionals at OnePoint provide multifaceted property and market reports and expert guidance to help clients achieve their goals. Industry-leading due diligence empowers buyers to negotiate the best price and positions sellers and investors to maximize their return on investment.

Clients may work directly with the service provider, or Metropolis can manage the relationship. Whatever the arrangement, clients receive seamless, timely service—the result of ongoing communication and a shared work ethic.