613 Baltic Street


This new 11-story structure in Park Slope houses 43 luxury condominiums. The building features a brick façade with distinctive windows, landscaped gardens, and a roof terrace.


The proposed rooftop terrace, an important amenity for these luxury residences, created code challenges due to the maximum occupancy. Frequent inspections by the BEST Squad had the potential to delay the construction schedule. Also, extensive landscaping required coordination with the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation, in addition to the usual municipal agencies.


As New York expediting consultants, Metropolis code and zoning experts worked with the architects to redesign the roof deck. Strategic landscaping decreased the occupant load, and the Department of Buildings approved the space as an outdoor terrace, accessory to the residential use. Throughout construction, Metropolis project managers maintained meticulous documentation, which satisfied BEST Squad inspectors and other city agencies. This attention to detail secured timely approvals and kept the project on track.

Major Alteration, Residential
Project type:
New Construction
Brooklyn, NY