Meet Metropolis . . . Peter Hernandez, FDNY Specialist

Meet Metropolis . . . Peter Hernandez, FDNY Specialist

This article continues our series on the men and women who make magic happen here at Metropolis Group. If you would like to recommend someone for a future employee spotlight, please email us with your nomination and let us know why you love working with this team member.

Peter Hernandez


Metropolis Team Member Since . . . September 2007

Industry Experience

Before joining Metropolis Group, Peter Hernandez spent four years working at an architectural firm in the accounting department. He saw that one of his colleagues routinely sent checks to code consulting firms. Unfamiliar with that line of work, he asked his friend about it. That conversation introduced him to the construction code consulting industry.

A few years later, he received a call from an employment agency about a prospective job. A code consulting firm, Metropolis Group, needed temporary office help; was he interested? He accepted the position and found his professional home.

Role at Metropolis

During his career with Metropolis, Peter has become the firm’s specialist in working with the New York City Fire Department (FDNY). He has developed relationships throughout the organization, and he knows whom to contact for any given situation. In addition to submitting fire alarm and other life-safety applications to the agency, he schedules fire alarm inspections and assists with resolving objections. “Without the fire alarm inspection, clients can’t get their certificates of occupancy and move in tenants,” says Peter. “And every building needs COs and tenants. That’s why every single job that I take is a top priority.” He also assists with researching and clearing FDNY violations.

His colleagues appreciate his dedication to client service. “Peter’s knowledge and experience of the inner workings of the FDNY make him a valuable asset at Metropolis,” says Senior Project Manager Thomas Jacobsen. “He has developed relationships with the staff that make traversing the FDNY a bit easier. Everyone in our office knows if there’s information needed from the FDNY, Peter is the go-to guy. He has also successfully applied the effort with learning the FDNY’s evolving filing and resubmission system.”

Favorite Project

Peter’s favorite project involved securing approvals for a hyperbaric gas chamber, part of the burn unit at one of the university hospitals. It was a complex project that required a great deal of persistence. “I had to track down a number of individuals to get the information I needed,” he recalls. His efforts ultimately cut the approval time in half.

Best Part of the Job

While Peter loves the unpredictable nature of his work, he most enjoys the satisfaction of scoring client wins. “I like to make clients happy, and they’re always happy with the answers I come back with and the results. It’s all about teamwork. We all want to create the best result for the client.”

Little-Known Facts

One night, Peter went to a club, where some friends worked as bouncers, arriving just as they were escorting a high-profile guest under cover. A friend asked him to hang around to shield the guest from view. The VIP turned out to be Yankee shortstop Derek Jeter. “He was standing there by himself, so I went over and talked to him. We had a nice conversation,” says Peter, who roots for the Yankees when his Mets aren’t in contention.