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Code Consulting Keeps Solar Grid Installation on Track

By Robert Proffitt, R.A. Last year, energy management experts at Bright Power and architects at Thread Collective approached Metropolis Group for assistance with a pilot program in Brooklyn: creating a solar-powered electrical grid in an urban environment. Our experience with solar grid installation, extensive code and zoning expertise, and creative problem-solving skills are paying off… View more

A Final Sprint for 2016

By Frank Fortino It amazes me every year how quickly the holiday season rolls around. We look up, and there’s a few weeks left, a final push to finish off the slate of work for 2016. For some people and projects, this is a season to tighten up projects and push others until the new… View more


By Andrew J. Pisani With the 15th anniversary of September 11, 2001 drawing near, it’s startling to realize how quickly time passes. For me, that day remains as vivid as ever. I was just 2 block north on Church Street when the 1st plane flew less than 80 feet over my head on its way… View more

In Memory Of Robert Kaufman

By Frank Fortino I am deeply saddened to share with you all the loss of a great individual – Mr. Robert Kaufman,  who  has passed at 89 years of age. I have known Mr. Kaufman for nearly thirty years, a lifetime in our industry. I owe both Melvyn and Robert Kaufman’s family my deepest condolences…. View more

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