Metropolis Embraces the Future in Appointing Gregory Fortino as COO

Metropolis Embraces the Future in Appointing Gregory Fortino as COO

By Frank Fortino

As many of you already know, Metropolis Group recently promoted Gregory Fortino to Chief Operating Officer. This development holds tremendous opportunity not only for our organization, but also for our clients and our industry as Greg combines hands-on experience with a 21st-century perspective.

The firm started 34 years ago, built on the core values of hard work and honesty. I have learned so many lessons since then in terms of what to do and how to handle business decisions. More than three decades later, we have survived recessions, housing crises, bear markets on Wall Street taking hits, and—the most crippling setback to date—the recent COVID-19 shutdown.

Leadership Under Pressure

The COVID-19 pandemic hit our industry and our company the hardest. As New York City construction came to an abrupt halt, we took this opportunity to think out of the box, to apply creativity in meeting clients’ rapidly changing needs. Throughout this challenging period, Gregory worked with the senior management team—Joe Bastone, Penny Laughlin, Eileen Rivera, Austin Regan, Andy Pisani, Brian Lafferty, Brian Earley, Bruno Caligara, Erin Carew, and myself—to help our firm not only survive, but also expand through complementary services that offer clients a better way to grow their businesses. Today, Greg continues to add value by ensuring that we stay abreast of the latest DOB NOW developments and by supporting our new Compliance Division, led by Thomas Romero.

The decision to promote Greg was based on his proven leadership throughout the past two years. Demonstrating dedication and initiative, he took the reins and guided the office toward even higher standards, while taking steps to ensure its continued operational health.

Success Through Collaboration

Greg’s effectiveness as a leader comes from his value of, and respect, for all team members. He engages team members and clients alike, asking and answering questions and coordinating to achieve a successful outcome. Drawing upon the skills and knowledge of colleagues and clients, he harnesses their collective creativity to facilitate a solution to every challenge that arises.

His collaborative leadership style dates to his years at Syracuse University, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in economics, with a minor in engineering and computer science. He joined the Psi Upsilon fraternity as a freshman and served as the social director the following year. Greg embraced trustworthiness, honor, and mutual respect among his Greek brethren, and they elected him president for his senior year. The fraternal experience imparted and reinforced several valuable lessons that shaped his beliefs, his lifestyle, and his work ethic.

Upon joining Metropolis, he began working with, and learning from, team members in each division of the organization. He has grown throughout his career and shown true leadership, truly earning the title of Chief Operating Officer.

I believe in Gregory and in his ability to guide our firm to greater heights of success. His faith, combined with his passion for service, will assist with his continued growth.

God bless you and Metropolis Group as you lead our organization into a bold new era, keeping it strong for generations to come.