Energy Code

Energy Inspections to Ring in the New Year

By Alex Rippere 2017 brought its share of challenges and opportunities when it comes to the energy code and its enforcement. The “fun” will likely continue in the year ahead. Retroactive application Last September, the mayor announced that the current energy code would retroactively hit existing buildings over a certain size, forcing their owners to… View more

The Metropolis Guide to Vestibule FAQs

By Alex Rippere Probably the most frequent question I get about the 2016 New York City Energy Conservation Code (2016 NYCECC) concerns vestibule requirements. Then again, this was also the most frequent question under both the 2011 and 2014 NYCECC. Designers don’t seem to like vestibules much as they take up space that could otherwise… View more

Energy Models and the Bottom Line

By Alex Rippere It’s no secret that buildings are responsible for one-third of total energy consumption in the U.S. economy, and understanding ways to lower that consumption has been driving energy codes since 1975, with the release of ASHRAE Standard 90. Energy consumption is most easily understood in terms of dollars and cents, rather than… View more

How to Become a (Lighting) Control Freak

By Alex Rippere While previous articles have covered 2016 New York City Energy Conservation Code (NYCECC) changes regarding building envelope and HVAC performance, one key area not addressed is lighting. The energy code has always set requirements for lighting controls and maximum allowed lighting wattage-per-square-foot (i.e., Lighting Power Density or LPD). In other words, designers… View more