Fire Code

Adopted FDNY Rule

By Renee Sosnowski The 2014 Fire Code replaced the 2 Certificates of Fitness for Fire Safety & Emergency Action Plan Directors with a single Certificate of Fitness for a Fire and Life Safety (FLS) Director. Beginning March 1, 2020, all occupancies currently required to be staffed by a Fire Safety/EAP Director or Fire Safety Director… View more

Proposed Rule – Repeal and Amendment of Certain Fire Protection Requirements

By Renee Sosnowski The DOB is proposing to repeal four rules that modify national standards for automatic sprinkler, standpipe, and fire alarm systems. The specific rules to be repealed set forth National Fire Protection Association (“NFPA”) amendments relating to elevator hoistways and machine rooms, closets and pantries, hydrostatic tests, and exemption from Fire Department connection… View more

FDNY Proposing Rule Repeals

By Renee Sosnowski The FDNY is proposing to repeal ten Fire Department rules, the content of which was incorporated into the 2014 Fire Code. Six Fire Department rules are proposed to be amended to make various editorial revisions in conjunction with the repeal of these Rules, as well as to conform the rules to the… View more

FDNY Publishes New A-433 B

By Garvey Thelemaque The FDNY has an updated version of its A-433 form. The new version is now called the A-433 B and requires detailed information on the premise, owner’s information, and nature of work to be performed. Additionally, Electrical Contractor Information, Fire Alarm Vendor Information, and Central Station Information is required for all applications…. View more