FDNY Publishes Requirements for As-Built Riser Diagrams

FDNY Publishes Requirements for As-Built Riser Diagrams

By Katherine Baerga

In December 2023, the New York City Fire Department (FDNY) published guidance for submitting as-built riser diagrams. Such diagrams serve as an official record for fire alarm, auxiliary radio communication (ARC), and emergency fire alarm systems, and must be submitted to the FDNY Fire Alarm Inspection Unit.

As-Built Riser Diagram Requirements

FDNY requires as-built diagrams to be prepared, signed, and sealed by the registered licensed design professional who is the applicant of record. In addition, the diagrams must include the following information:

  • Title Block. As applicable, this section provides the name of the applicant of record, the address of the protected premises, all job numbers associated with the filing, and the name of the protected premises, owner, and occupant. The section also needs to identify the as-built riser diagrams as such and include issuance date, page numbers, and space for FDNY approval.
  • Riser Diagram. The as-built riser diagram must reflect the technical specifications for the actual installation of the system, including the general system arrangement in building cross-section, number of power and network risers, type and number of circuits in each riser, type and number of devices on each circuit for each floor or level, power connections, and locations of control interfaces to other systems.
  • Input/Output Programming Matrix. The as-built diagram must include the sequence of operations. The operations should reflect the actual programming at time of completion, as approved by FDNY.
  • Functionality Statement. This statement confirms the functionality of the system and must be executed by a registered design professional, a licensed electrician, or a New York State licensed fire alarm installer. Fraudulent submissions will be subject to further review by licensing boards.

DOB Submission & Recordkeeping

Upon receiving FDNY approval, the as-built riser diagram and accompanying Letter of Approval must be submitted to the DOB for any related applications. A copy of the as-built diagram should be kept on-site at the fire command center or other approved location.

Fire Alarm System Modifications

FDNY will accept minor additions to the fire alarm system design, such as the addition of up to 10 devices per floor, without further documentation. Other modifications may require an affidavit from the applicant of record, which certifies that the system design remains code-compliant.

Other changes require a post-approval amendment (PAA) filing, including:

  • Relocation of fire alarm control panels
  • Changes that would affect the system type or job description
  • Changes that would affect work floors
  • Changes that would require additional review
  • Addition and/or exclusion of more than 10 devices on a single floor
  • All modifications to ARC systems

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