Energy Efficiency

The Benchmarking Shame Game

By George Crawford An under-the-radar benchmarking requirement may soon surprise many buildings—namely, those properties with low benchmarking scores that have been buried and unnoticed in databases for years. These scores will soon be prominently posted at the front entrance of each and every building, for all to see. Local Law 33 of 2018 When Local… View more

Benchmarking Requirements Expand to Mid-Sized Buildings (Plus, Public Grades for All)

By George Crawford   As previously reported, Local Law 84 of 2009 (LL 84)—the NYC Benchmarking Law—has expanded with the addition of Local Law 133 of 2016 (LL 133). Until now, energy and water benchmarking requirements were limited to buildings 50,000 square feet and larger. LL 133 has extended these requirements to buildings that are 25,000 s.f…. View more

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