Energy Efficiency

Building Owners Beware: A Perfect Storm Is Brewing in the Big Apple

By George Crawford If you’re a permit expediter, then you know that commercial and residential building owners need to brace for the impending perfect storm—namely, higher NYC taxes and utilities, coupled with lower rents—heading straight for their bottom lines. While the protest period has already passed for the tax assessments issued earlier this year—hopefully, without… View more

Let the Finances Work for You

By Andrew J. Pisani The world of building management is a world of projects. As soon as a new building goes up, the que of improvements begins. There’s always new voices and opinions, and new ideas to improve or fix any current issues. While all projects serve the ultimate good of the building,  any to… View more

LED Tax Benefits

By Andrew J. Pisani Owners weighing the cost and benefits of LED retrofitting need to review the Tax Code. EP Act 179D is a tax benefit in place which allows building owners to take up to $1.80 per square foot as a tax deduction. Qualifying is based on a building’s ability to meet energy efficiency… View more

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