Save on Fees with eChecks

By Penny Laughlin

With it’s move to digitization, the DOB is collecting more and more fees and payments online. Considering the size and volume of these transactions, they are facing many of the same issues as large commerce companies – most notably, credit card fees.

That’s about to change. Starting this month, the DOB is adding a 2.49% “convenience fee” to all credit card charges. This isn’t a new profit center, rather, they are simply handing the payment over to a third party processor who makes the transaction work.

There is a back door, however, a free one. Simply pay online using an eCheck – and you pay nothing extra. Like any check, you need only your bank routing number and account to get started.

As with a paper check, the funds will deduct directly and immediately from your account. Best of all – no scary credit card statements to deal with later on.