Inspection Requirements for Structurally Compromised Buildings

By Penny Laughlin

The last thing most owners want to plan for is their property being deemed Structurally Compromised. If it happens, it’s best to be ready.

If a building is deemed SCB, the owner has 60 days to have an initial inspection completed by a registered design professional. Within 30 days of this inspection, the report must be filed. Reporting criteria for these inspections are outlined in the NYC Administrative Code §28- 216.12 and NYC Rule §102-03.

Structural inspections must be performed and reports filed annually, until a final certification that the condition has been remedied is filed with the DOB. Inspection reports, fee payments and payments of any associated penalties must be completed before permits will be issued to alter, repair, demolish the property.

The filing fee for each report of these reports is $500. Civil penalties are steeper – $3,000 for each violation for failure to file reports within 90 days of their building being deemed Structurally Compromised.

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