ECB Amendment Incentivizes Action

By Renee Sosnowski

While he’s no longer in power, Mayor Bloomberg finished his term with an interesting ECB law designed to incentivize action for violators.

The law –  Local Law 153 of 2013 (LL 153/13) – amended the Administrative Code to give those respondents receiving a first violation for certain provisions the opportunity to avoid paying a civil penalty if they were to cure the violations within a specific time period.

The proposed rule added a $0 mitigated penalty to three ECB penalty schedules upon a showing that the underlying violations have been cured. The categories open for correction are Sanitation Penalties, Air Code Penalties, and Noise Code Penalties.

The zero penality does have a time line – the offending party must submit an acceptable certification of compliance and admission of liability to DEP within 45 days of the NOV.

To read the amendment, please click here.