LL 87 Enters Year Two

By Andrew J. Pisani

Local Law 87 requires that “Covered Buildings” greater than 50,000 square feet conduct both an energy audit and retro-commissioning. “Covered Buildings” is a broad, inclusive term that refers to commercial, multifamily, and not-for-profit buildings.

We are now in the second year of LL87 compliance, and the first year proved that buildings really need to comply, or face penalties. The energy audits and retro-commissioning reports are due annually for buildings located on block numbers that end in the same number as the end of the current year. Last year, 2013, triggered filings for buildings on block numbers ending in three. This year it’s four.

Those buildings that didn’t file their LL 87 last year received fines of $3,000. If these buildings fail to file this year, they face an additional fine of $5,000. Paying the fines does not override the need to file – and these buildings must still file their LL 87.

Owners should look at LL 87 filings as a necessary move, but also one that could be helpful. For one, LL 87 audits could result in a reduction of energy related costs for a building. Further, the audit process may indicate that a building could qualify for Con Ed and NYSERDA funding to help implement any energy related upgrades.

LL 87 can be challenging to understand and implement. We recommend Green Partners as a premier and qualified energy consultant that can help with the process. You can reach out to them at www.greenpartnersny.com  and ask for George Crawford.