The Fine Points of LEDs

By Andrew J. Pisani

By now we’re well versed in the facts of LEDs – they are energy efficient, they offer a variety of color ranges, and they will last for quite some time. If done correctly, a LED retrofit should bring immediate savings to a building, and continue without effort, for decades.

Like any installation, it’s important to understand the product, and make sure that the LED’s you select are, in fact, the right ones for your building. That means understanding the nuances of the color, which are measured on a Kelvin scale. 3000 k or less matches up with incandescent lamps, while 5,000 or higher looks more like day light. A best first step is to test a few samples, and see how the color changes impact your spaces.

One quirk of LED’s, especially from lower quality manufacturers, is that this color may vary. Another little known fact is that rather than burn out, LED’s slowly dim over time. Both of these point to the need to go with a reputable, proven supplier who can offer an iron clad warranty.

When reviewing this warranty, it’s important to understand the minimum light output for the LED. You’ll want a clear understanding of the quality of light you should expect as time passes, and make sure that the manufacturer’s standards are in line with your own.

As always, it’s best to conduct your own research beforehand, and truly understand what you are buying.