New Javits Center More Than a Facelift

By Andrew J. Pisani

The challenge of converting the Javits Center from a tired, inefficient behemoth into a state of the art convention center took plenty of time and vision. Five years after the start of the redesign process, the new Javits Center has the look and feel of a brand new building, ready and eager to start a new chapter as NYC’s destination for Convention business.

The redevelopment teams – Empire State Development Corp, the Convention Center Development Corp, FXFOWLE Epstein and the Javits’ dedicated operating team on the ground, worked side by side through a technical, challenging process. With completion, all stakeholders are pleased with the results.

Aesthetics are always key to a redesign, and the major move here was to transform the look of the building and the dated, mirrored glass panels. A translucent glass wall solved the challenge, effectively bringing the surrounding buildings and NYC skyline into the space.

While impressive on the outside, it’s the internal changes that will bring the most industry accolades. Developed with a keen eye towards sustainability, the building will strive towards a reduction in energy consumption of 26%. Leading the way is a massive 6.75 acre green roof which will improve thermal performance and absorb water run-off.

There is no denying the impact of LED lighting, and the new Javits Center has made their LED retrofit a centerpiece of the project. The conversion of the lighting systems alone should drive energy consumption for the whole building down. In fact, the research and the real-time learning of such a large scale installation should inform our industry about the practical side of LEDs for years to come. As always our friend, George Crawford, at Green Partners is the person to call.