DOB Waives Elevator Violation Civil Penalties

By Brian Lafferty

The DOB has agreed to waive civil penalties assessed for failure to file Affirmation of Correction (AOC) for the 2102 filing period. These penalties were issued on May 30, 2014. Specifically, the waiver will be granted for the 2012 “Category 1 AOC” cycle.

While the penalty has been waived, owners still need to correct any 2012 CAT-1 defects and file necessary ELV-29 reports. Further, they must submit a satisfactory CAT-1 report in order to dismiss the violation.

If payment has already been submitted for a 2012 AOC violation, the DOB will provide a refund. Simply complete an RF1 application, and submit it to the Elevator Division, along with original receipts or copies of cancelled checks.