LED Market Lights Up With Choices

By Andrew J. Pisani

The LED market may be approaching its tipping point. With interest growing among designers, incentives and support from Con Ed and energy regulations from the City and State, the time to embark on a LED retrofit may be now.

One of the most important barriers for LED adoptions seems also to be falling in real time. Long considered a strictly white or blue/white light source, recent LED technology has given us a greater range of colors, including warmer light below 3,000K. With color comparable to incandescents, it makes the discussion much more timely.

Like any quickly evolving market, there are quality issues to be mindful of, and it’s a good bet to start with the proven manufacturers – Phillips, Hubbell or Acuity. To make things easier, Con Ed’s funding program makes selecting a credible manufacturer as part of the package.

The retro-fit may become a complex job, and it’s always best to work hand in hand with a professional team to help manage the process, from selection to installation. We recommend Green Partners as a premier and qualified energy consultant that can help with the process. You can reach out to them at www.greenpartnersny.com  and ask for George Crawford.