New Year Triggers Annual Permits

By Andrew J. Pisani

Attention Building Managers, Office Managers, Business Owners and Contractors – It’s the start of a New Year which means the expiration of annual permits.

Annual permits have a way of being over-looked – in the past we’ve relied on various City Agencies to send a reminder or annual bill. With smaller staff, not the mention the arrival of the 2014 Building Code – it’s a good move to be proactive here. Take time to review all of your permits, and get the ball rolling on renewals.

1)    Public Assembly permits including the renewal of you Flame Spread Affidavits for all your fabric

2)    Compressor/HVAC permits

3)    Canopy

4)    Marquees

5)    Business Signage & Billboards

6)    Department of Health Permits for restaurants

7)    Fire Department Permits for sprinkler and standpipe,  fuel storage, & emergency generators

8)    All of your FDNY Certificate of Fitness Licenses. This includes fire pumps, sprinkler/standpipe,  generators, fire safety director, residential sprinkler, and smoke detectors. (building managers check your staff)

9)    DEP Annual Permits for your premises known as the “Right To Know Annual Inventory Report” for all hazardous material stored on the premises such as but not limited to: paint/lacquer, paint thinners and turpentine, ammonium based products, benzene, compressed gas  motor oil, gasoline, etc.  (Whether you are a large office building with your own maintenance department, or a dry cleaners or a funeral home, if hazardous material are stored,  it needs to be reported.)

10) DEP for boilers, RPZ, Backflow preventers

11) Annual Boilers & Elevators

12) Liquor License

13) Façade Reports

14) Contractors Insurances and Safety Registration

15) Ansul Systems

16) Fire Extinguishers

17) HPD Owners Registration

There are many annual permits from many city agencies that are out there, and checking them is a quick way to stay on top of your portfolio of permits. Now is the time to renew them – not after you receive a violation because they expired. Please don’t wait, use this time wisely.