Deadline to Comply with Retroactive Sprinkler Coverage Fast Approaching

By Mario Aurioso

Local Law 26 of 2004 was a major step forward for New York City’s push to require buildings over 100 feet in height to be protected by sprinkler systems. The Local Law required all office buildings over 100 feet in height (even existing buildings) to retroactively provide sprinkler coverage.

Adding a sprinkler system to an existing office building is a huge undertaking for any building owner, so the local law provided a 15-Year timeframe in which to comply with this law. Now, 10 years have past, and we’re fast approaching the July 1st, 2019 deadline in which to design, install and sign-off on a new sprinkler system. With only 5-Years left, all office buildings over 100-Feet in height should begin making preparations for their required sprinkler system.