DOB Launches After Hours Program for Homeowners

By Garvey Thelemaque

The DOB has started a new after-hours program that keeps its doors open until 7:00 pm every Tuesday,  called Homeowners and Residents night.  The service intends to make it easier for residents to access the Agency’s one-on-one support and take advantage of the expertise available from Department professionals.

The staff will review and provide advice on home construction plans and permitting, reviewing contractor licenses, resolving DOB violations, securing a C of O, and most topics related to homeowners.

No advanced appointment is required and the sessions are first come, first served.  Homeowners and residents are invited to simply visit to their local Department of Buildings’ borough office and meet with a plan examiner or other professionals available to answer questions.

These individual sessions are a great, cost-free way for homeowners and residents to gain valuable assistance in planning construction projects or securing property information. They also provide the opportunity for homeowners and tenants to better understand the rights of renters and responsibilities of property owners.

Homeowners Nights hours will be scheduled from 4:00pm to 7:00pm every Tuesday at the Department of Buildings’ Borough Office in all five boroughs.