Happy Birthday. It’s Time to Renew.

By Frank Fortino

Special Inspection Agency registration renewal kicks off this month, on May 13th. The current term of registration runs for three years, and the deadline for renewal is the registrant’s birthday. All registrations will need to be renewed in the following 12 months, by this birthdate.

Renewal requires completion of an SIA1 Form as well as the Registration Cover Sheet. In addition, all insurance certificates must be included in the packet. Any supporting documents must be submitted via the SIA Document Uploader.

Special Inspection Agencies must maintain different insurance policies to perform their inspections. They must have Workers Compensation insurance in place, or a waiver. All registered architects and professional engineer must have adequate professional Liability insurance, and Licensed trades must have General Liability insurance.

A first step is to review the registration status on BIS.

Timing is important.  Documents must arrive at the Licensing and Exams unit 30-60 days prior to expiration. Missing this window may trigger a $50 late fee.

The renewal fee is $90. On top of that is a $30 fee per Special Inspection Class for endorsements. Payments may be made on the DOB License Renewal payment portal.