DOB Starts 2016 By Cleaning Up the Past

By Frank Fortino

Our industry starts 2016 with great momentum, with another year of evolution behind us. Last year we again ushered in an updated Building Code, this year we hit the ground running working through the kinks of this transition.

When new Codes are implemented, they place a spotlight on issues that may actually be obsolete. The DOB has taken steps to review and modify past bulletins and policies set in place by prior administrations.

As expected, many of these are being rescinded. As of November, there were an additional administration policy and procedure notice along with 17 operational policy and procedure notices which are no longer applicable under the New Code.

The OPPN’s which were rescinded are:

12/87           13/87          15/87          16/87          20/87

28/88          13/89          20/90          12/91          23/91

6/92          11/92          14/92           20/92           21/92

1/93          5/93

These rescind notices reflect the evolution of the DOB, and how the agency seeks to further improve on its overall effectiveness. The new year will show us many more changes, and even more evolution. In our mind, it all continues to be for the better.

On behalf of everyone at Metropolis Group, I want to wish everyone a happy, healthy and productive new year. Let’s make it another great one.