In Memory Of Robert Kaufman

By Frank Fortino

I am deeply saddened to share with you all the loss of a great individual – Mr. Robert Kaufman,  who  has passed at 89 years of age. I have known Mr. Kaufman for nearly thirty years, a lifetime in our industry.

I owe both Melvyn and Robert Kaufman’s family my deepest condolences. Both Robert and Melvyn had faith, trust and confidence to support me in my decision of starting Metropolis Group twenty eight years ago. Sage Realty was my very first client.

For the past 28 years, I personally handled the Kaufman portfolio, and always felt this was a great honor. Sage Realty is a family business built on a strong foundation of trust and loyalty. They have succeeded with integrity every step of the way.

Robert Kaufman was a very patient and understanding individual, who always found a creative way to handle his business. I have learned so much about our industry, as well as life from Robert and the extended Kaufman family.

Robert will be missed as a leader in our industry, as a husband, grandfather and friend. The person I have become, and what Metropolis Group has become, are direct reflections of this great man. For this I will always be grateful.