Pulaski Bridge Bikeway to Open at End of April

By Wayne Sheppard

According to DOT, construction of the Pulaski Bridge bike path is scheduled to be completed by the end of April. As the remaining details and minor construction are done, specifics of the new design are coming to light, including how the bike lane will negotiate the drawbridge section of the Pulaski.

On most of the bridge, the bike lane will be separated from motor vehicle traffic by concrete barriers. The concrete changes to metal railings near the drawbridge section of the bridge. Currently, there is no railing on the drawbridge itself, but according to DOT, railing is  coming soon.

The Pulaski Bridge is a “trunnion-type bascule” bridge. When DOT studied the feasibility of a protected bike lane on the bridge, a major concern was how to build effective protection on the drawbridge.

The DOT has confirmed that this work is nearly complete. There are a few remaining small items that need to be addressed, including rail installation, signage and catch basin repair.

No official date has been set for the grand opening.