DOB Introduces New Standards For Gas Installations

By Mario Aurioso

The DOB has announced a new initiative to inspect all gas plumbing jobs prior to allowing service to be turned on. The program will kick in over the summer, and  will be performed by 22 newly-hired plumbing inspectors who will focus on gas safety.

Illegal gas work has led to problems, and coordination between the DOB and the utility companies have set the groundwork for the new initiative. Under an information sharing pact, all parties notify each other when unsafe conditions or illegal gas work is suspected.

Prior to the new program, licensed master plumbers have been able to certify that their own gas plumbing work is up to Code. Under the new program, an inspector will follow up to ensure that gas connections have been properly installed, tested and are safe for service.

The focus at the start of the program will be on projects within Manhattan, and the DOB hopes to expand the program City wide by 2017.