NYCECC: Issuance of DOB Violations and Stop Work Orders for Energy Code Infractions

By Renee Sosnowski

Starting in March 2016, the DOB began issuing DOB Violations (returnable to the ECB) and Stop Work Orders for Energy Code Infractions.

Issuance of Violations: Violations for Energy Code Infractions are Class 2 (major) violations, which carry a monetary penalty, unless dismissed by the ECB. To avoid penalties that may be imposed by the ECB, applicants may admit guilt and cure the violation.

Issuance and Lifting of Stop Work Orders: To lift a SWO, request a rescission by email to

Requests will be processed within five (5) business days. If all requirements are met, the SWO will be rescinded. Re-inspections may be conducted, as needed.

If the cure date has passed, SWOs will not be lifted unless, the violation is paid and an approved certificate of correction has been obtained.