Permits and Roof Replacement

By Bruno Caligara

We often receive questions on when a permit for roof replacement is required. The answer is, sometimes, and it all depends on the scope of replacement.

As per 1 RCNY 101-14 Chapter 100,  work that may or may not require a permit, ROOFS are as follows:

REQUIRES  A  PERMIT  –  Roof repair and reroofing, including the deck/sheathing. Roof repair or replacement that includes replacement of the roof deck/sheathing.

NO PERMIT REQUIRED  –  Roof Repairs and Reroofing above the deck/sheathing. Roof repairs or replacement, limited to the roof membrane, roof coverings Cant strips, and any insulation above the roof deck/sheathing, provided that the New York City Energy Conservation  Code does not require additional thermal insulation for the roof. Conservation  Code does not require additional thermal insulation for the roof.

NO PERMIT REQUIRED  –  Green roofs not more than 4 inches in depth. Green roof systems, not more than 4 inches in depth measured from the upper surface of the roof covering to the top of the growth medium, located on buildings of noncombustible construction or buildings greater than 100 feet in height. All proposed roof work should be reviewed by the Metropolis team to confirm which of the three scenarios the work will fall under, and to prevent possible violations.