Protective Sheds for Window Replacements In Multiple Dwellings

By Bruno Caligara

Multiple Dwellings have their own slate of compliance regulations. One question that arises is whether or not a protective shed for window replacements is required within Multiple Dwellings. The answer, it turns out, is found in a low that’s over 30 years old.

As per C26-1901.5 (a) (5) of Local Law 45 of 1983, “sidewalk sheds shall be erected when a portion of a façade over forty feet above curb level is being altered or repaired and the horizontal distance from the portion of the structure being altered or repaired to the inside edge of the temporary or permanent walkway is less than one half the height of the structure being altered or repaired.”

The local law intent was originally for façade work such as repointing, and repairs to lintels and or brick. While the law does not directly mentioned windows, it has been interpreted to include them. Window work can fall under this local law and can be used for shed waivers when work is below the 40 foot threshold.