Change to After Hours Variance Application Submissions

By Garvey Thelemaque

Starting on December 5, 2016, After-Hours Variance (AHV) applications will no longer be accepted at borough offices. Instead, applications must be submitted online through the DOB’s eFiling system.

To submit an AHV application online, the filer must first register as an eFiling user. AHV applications must be filed at least two business days prior to first intended work day.

  • For initial AHV work permits, two separate payments are required. The first payment is for the DOB to review the application and to determine AHV days and times issued. The second payment is for the AHV Work Permit.
  • Applicants may request an AHV permit for any number of days within a window of 14 consecutive days. To request days beyond this window a separate AHV application must be submitted.

For questions or for further information related to AHV application submissions, please send an email to