LAA Emergency Work Notification Process for Utility Company Gas Restoration

By Mario Aurioso

Emergency Work Notifications (EWN) can be filed on an LAA (Limited Alterations Application) when work is necessary, by a Licensed Master Plumber, Licensed Master Fire Suppression piping contractors, and Licensed Oil Burner installers. These professionals may file an EWN and perform the work prior to filing an Limited Alteration Application.

The Licensed professional can submit a letter on their company letter head via email, stating the reason for the immediate request for gas restoration by the utility company (nature of emergency);  Statement that the LAA1 will be filed within five (5) business days.

They must also include Utility Notification copying them on the email at to notify National Grid / Con Edison that an EWN was submitted the LAA unit.

Emergency Work Includes:

• Repairs to address an emergency or hazardous condition that needs immediate attention.

• Restoration of gas for cooking purposes

• Restoration of heat and hot water

• Maintain sanitary conditions

• Restore fire suppression system to proper working conditions.

If National Grid or Con Edison goes to a site due to a complaint of a gas leak and shuts off the gas; A licensed Master Plumber can file an EWN (Emergency work notification) in order to perform the work prior to filing a manual LAA1 form to the Dept. of Buildings LAA Division within those five (5) business days.

After the LAA gets approved the licensed professional can perform their required inspections and submit their request for gas authorization via Inspection Ready in order to reestablish gas use. Once, the gas use gets approved via Inspection Ready, Ownership or the License professional should contact National Grid/ Con Edison to have them restore their gas use.

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