No Smoking Signage

By Brian Lafferty

The risk of fire and construction sites go hand in hand, and FDNY always emphasizes the importance of keeping smoking far away from project sites. In order to drive home the message, “No Smoking” signs need to be posted at all sliding and swinging gate openings, and any other openings allowing for access to the site by persons or vehicles.

Within the fenced enclosure, signs should be posted at appropriate locations throughout the construction site, with enough visibility to provide notice to persons entering or working on the site of the prohibition against smoking. This includes all entrances to buildings, one or more locations on each floor of such buildings, and any indoor or outdoor areas on the construction site at which persons congregate.

Due to the diverse languages that maybe spoken on a job site, it is recommended to install signage which effectively communicates the message through both words and a pictogram of a cigarette. Let’s start the year on the same page as FDNY, and make sure this message is heard loud and clear.