DOB Continues to Expand DOB NOW: New Build Releases in August

By Penny Laughlin

Beginning next month, the New York City Department of Buildings (DOB) will expand the job filing types accepted in its interactive, web-based portal, DOB NOW. Here’s the DOB NOW facts for August 2017:

Antennae and Curb Cuts

DOB NOW: Build will begin accepting new Antenna and Curb Cut job filings on August 28, 2017.

  • Existing jobs. Antenna and Curb Cut filings with an existing BIS job number will be processed either in-person at borough offices or online via eFiling.
  • New jobs. All new Antenna and Curb Cut filings submitted after August 28, 2017, must use DOB NOW: Build.

Sidewalk Sheds, Fences, Supported Scaffolds and Signs

October 16, 2017, is the anticipated launch date for Sign filings and for Sidewalk Shed, Fence, and Supported Scaffold filings.

  • Existing jobs. Again, any job filings for these types with an existing BIS job number should be submitted to the borough offices or via eFiling using an expeditor in NYC.
  • New jobs. All new filings submitted after October 16, 2017, are required to use DOB NOW: Build.

More to come . . .

In addition, DOB plans to expand DOB NOW: Build to include the following filing types in Winter 2017:

  • Temporary Place of Assembly & Place of Assembly
  • Electrical
  • Elevator
  • Boiler, Fuel Burning & Fuel Storage

DOB NOW Registration

Users must register for DOB NOW with the DOB’s eFiling system. For those with an existing eFiling account, the same email and password will grant access to DOB NOW. The DOB website includes detailed information about the registration process, based on project role.

If you have any questions about how these changes affect your projects, please contact Metropolis at 212.233.6344.