DOB Issues New L2 Form, Clarifies Eligibility for NRV Overrides

By Renee Sosnowski

The Department of Buildings (DOB) issued a new L2 form for requesting overrides, reductions or waivers of civil penalties for Work Without a Permit (WWP) or Stop Work Order violations. Effective July 20, 2018, the DOB will only accept the updated L2 form, identified by the revision date 6/18 in the lower right corner.

The revised form clarifies eligibility requirements for overriding civil penalties when submitting No Relationship to Violation (NRV) requests.

No Relationship to Violation

NRV requests allow tenants/lessees and owners to secure a permit for work that is unrelated to an existing WWP violation.

  • In a commercial space, this means that a tenant/lessee or owner can apply for a work permit if the proposed work has no connection to the violation and benefits an occupant not cited in the violation notice.
  • In residential properties, condominium or cooperative owners may submit an NRV request to obtain a permit for work inside an individual unit if the WWP violation was issued for a shared common area.

If you have questions about the new form or your eligibility for NRV requests, please contact Metropolis Group at 212.633.6344.