DOB Issues Updated L2 Form to Reflect Sign Amnesty Program

By Renee Sosnowski

In February 2019, the Department of Buildings (DOB) updated the L2 form: Requests for Overrides, Reductions, or Waivers of Civil Penalties for Work Without a Permit and Stop Work Violations. The revised form includes an additional waiver request option, based on Local Law 28 of 2019, which waives civil penalties for work without a permit violations issued for certain accessory signs.

SAPW: Sign amnesty penalty waiver (LL28 of 2019). Work without a permit violation(s) issued on or after December 28, 2017, for an accessory sign that neither exceeds 150 square feet in area, measured on one face only, nor exceeds 1200 pounds in weight.

DOB will no longer accept the L2 form with the revised date of 06/18 (noted in the lower right corner) as of March 25, 2019. Applicants or property owners must submit the 02/19 version of the L2 form when requesting an override, reduction, or waiver of civil penalties for work without a permit.

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