Meet Metropolis . . . Yomara Nunez, Proven Team Player

This article continues our series on the men and women who make magic happen here at Metropolis Group. If you would like to recommend someone for a future employee spotlight, please email us with your nomination and let us know why you love working with this team member.

Yomara Nunez

Senior Proposal Specialist

Metropolis Team Member Since . . . April 2016

Industry Experience

Prior to joining Metropolis Group, Yomara had worked in a sales support position for medical equipment. She enjoyed the problem-solving aspect of her work but was ready for a change. The construction industry appealed to her as an exciting place for a fresh start.

Role at Metropolis

Yomara initially started working at Metropolis as an administrative assistant, which gave her a behind-the-scenes look at major construction projects in Manhattan. In February 2018, she was offered an opportunity to apply her sales background as a proposal administrator, creating change orders for proposals and client service agreements. Yomara’s enthusiasm and attention to detail led to her promotion to senior proposal specialist in June 2019.

Today, she works closely with colleagues and clients, preparing proposals for new projects, finalizing fee schedules, and securing proposal approvals. Yomara is also responsible for training new employees in the proposal department of Metropolis. “No assignment or task is too great for Yomara,” says Senior Account Manager Joe Bastone. “She consistently rises to the challenge and gets the job done perfectly. She is a pleasure to work with and a true asset to the proposal team and Metropolis Group.”

Best Part of the Job

“I enjoy working in the proposal department at Metropolis because I learn something new every day about what new projects are developing in my city,” says Yomara. “I enjoy seeing the requirements for each job. I also have great work relationships with my co-workers.”

Not-So-Hidden Talent

Yomara’s favorite pastime is traveling and exploring new regions and cultures. “I love seeing different places and different ways of living,” she says. “Travel is my favorite way of making memories to share in the future.”