Introduction No. 1481: Prepare for a New Plumbing Code

Introduction No. 1481: Prepare for a New Plumbing Code

By Andrew Pisani

Last month, the New York City Council Committee on Housing and Buildings held a hearing on Introduction No. 1481, which proposes a local law to bring the NYC Plumbing Code in line with the 2015 edition of the International Plumbing Code. The legislation was initially introduced to the City Council in March 2019.

According to proponents of the law, Introduction No. 1481 will assist with development inspections, reinforce current measures to prevent cross-contamination in food handling, and create a performance-based approach to the design of roof drains.

Highlights of the local law include the following:

  • A new mandate to ensure that pipes bear all required markings
  • A clarification that allows multi-tenant facilities to share a drinking fountain
  • A new requirement that each well in a multiple-compartment sink discharges into a separate waste receptacle
  • New restrictions on cutting away a structural member when installing or altering a plumbing system
  • New guidelines regarding roof drain flow rate

The changes are designed to ensure public safety, while streamlining procedures and improving public access to information.

Updates will follow as more information becomes available.