CASA Group Offers Turnkey Environmental, Health & Safety Consulting Solutions

CASA Group Offers Turnkey Environmental, Health & Safety Consulting Solutions

By Frank Fortino

The New York City construction industry now has a turnkey resource for navigating increasingly complex and stringent environmental, health, and safety regulations. Michael Rattacasa, a twelve-year veteran of the environmental consulting industry, has launched The CASA Group, Inc., to provide personalized, solution-oriented consulting in this specialty field.

Gregory Fortino has signed on as Managing Director, contributing his leadership and field expertise gained as Project Management Officer for Metropolis Group. “We look forward to growing and leading our market space with exceptional client service, competitive pricing, and value-added services,” says Fortino, who will act as the conduit between code consulting and the environmental, health, and safety aspects of construction. “We are beyond excited to embark on this journey and look forward to enhancing existing and building new relationships.”

Anchored by this dedicated team of licensed professionals and as a trusted partner of Metropolis Group, The CASA Group has the ability and knowledge to anticipate, recognize, and develop controls for environmental and safety issues, as well as to assess liabilities, manage risk, and minimize concerns through site-specific evaluations. The experienced team understands the complexities that can arise and specializes in creating solutions that keep projects within budget and on schedule.

“Understanding the construction process and the lifecycle of an asset, while creating synergies and collaboration amongst professionals, is a critical component of a successful project,” says Rattacasa. “Our goal is to leverage our versatile service offerings and attention to detail to provide our clients with a sense of security.”

The CASA Group offers an extensive range of specialized services, including environmental consulting and industrial hygiene, site logistics and due diligence, code consulting and compliance analytics, and health and safety consulting. The practice tailors each engagement to the unique needs of each client to provide peace of mind throughout a project’s life cycle.

“We realize that the industry has started to lose its personal touch, being driven by sales and revenue rather than relationships,” says Rattacasa. “The CASA Group was created with the client’s experience in mind, putting the client first to create the nostalgic feeling of partnership of a bygone era.”

For more information about The CASA Group and how they can assist your projects with environmental, health, and safety compliance, visit the firm’s website.