Required Gas Piping Inspections Now in Effect

Required Gas Piping Inspections Now in Effect

By Rose Perez

As of January 1, 2020, gas piping systems must now be inspected by a Licensed Master Plumber (LMP)—or qualified individual working under a LMP—in accordance with Local Law 152 of 2016. These inspections are required at least once every four years, based on the schedule established in the Rules of the City of New York (RCNY).


Inspection Year Buildings in Community Districts
2020* 1, 3 and 10
2021* 2, 5, 7, 13 and 18
2022* 4, 6, 8, 9 and 16
2023* 11, 12, 14, 15 and 17

* Inspections must be performed no later than December 31 in this year and within every fourth calendar year thereafter.

Buildings classified in occupancy group R-3 are exempt from this requirement.

Gas Piping Inspection Reports & Certification

The LMP must provide the building owner with inspection results, in the form of a Gas Piping System Periodic Inspection Report, within 30 days of the inspection. LMPs must use the GPS1 form from the Department of Buildings (DOB) website.

Within 60 days of inspection, building owners must submit to DOB a signed and sealed Gas Piping System Periodic Inspection Certification form. LMPs must complete the GPS2 form from the DOB website.

  • If the Inspection Certification indicates that the Inspection Report identifies conditions that require correction, owners must submit an updated Inspection Certification within 120 days of the inspection. The updated form must also be signed and sealed by the LMP who conducted the inspection, confirming that the conditions have been corrected.
  • If the Inspection Certification indicates that additional time is required to correct the condition(s) identified in the Inspection Report, building owners must submit the updated Inspection Certification within 180 days of the inspection.

At this time, DOB will not charge a filing fee for submission of Inspection Certifications.

Buildings Without Gas Piping

Owners of buildings that do not have a gas piping system must submit a signed and sealed Inspection Certification attesting to this fact. The Inspection Certification must be submitted once every four years by December 31 of the inspection year for the community district in which the building is located.

Online Submission and Record Requirements

All Gas Piping System Periodic Inspection Certifications must be submitted through the DOB online submission portal on the department website. Failure to file an Inspection Certification before the due date may result in a civil penalty of up to $10,000.

Building owners must retain all Inspection Reports and Inspection Certifications for 10 years, making them available to the DOB upon request.

Unsafe Conditions

If a LMP identifies any unsafe or hazardous condition(s) during the inspection, he or she must immediately notify the building owner, the utility providing gas service, and the DOB. The owner must take immediate action to correct the condition(s) in compliance with the New York City Construction Codes, including securing any required permits.

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