New York Construction Industry Gets Back to Business

New York Construction Industry Gets Back to Business

By Frank Fortino

Slowly, but surely, the New York City construction industry is starting back up. Construction sites are following the health and safety guidance outlined by the governor’s and mayor’s offices and executive orders, and we’re working with the new procedures at the Department of Buildings (DOB) and other agencies.

After 32 years, we at Metropolis Group have seen the New York construction industry through ups and downs, and we remain confident about the overall outlook. While it may not be as healthy as it was back in February, before the pause, construction activity will return. It always does. No matter what, New York City continues to evolve.

Resilience in Construction

New Yorkers are survivors, and the construction industry has shown resilience during this challenging time. DOB and other agencies quickly moved to remote and online operations, and they’ve been working to make the process user-friendly. While everyone is doing their best, this is a new process, which requires a learning curve and time to work out the inevitable kinks.

Metropolis is continuing to guide the industry through the nuances of this virtual process. Building on three decades of experience navigating municipal agencies, we are proud to provide a sense of normalcy by identifying the best route for securing approvals and permits from the different divisions and departments.

Together, we are working hard to ensure successful results for everyone. We work with developers to plan projects that meet zoning regulations. We partner with architects and engineers as they design buildings for compliance with building and energy codes. Throughout construction, we make sure that project sites meet safety requirements. We do all of this with the goals of protecting public health and safety, while helping owners and developers close so they can occupy their buildings.

Moving Forward

No one knows what the future holds, and the uncertainty is scary. All we can do is make plans to move ahead, based on the information we have. Already, companies are exploring office space alterations to comply with social distancing guidelines. Our work and social places may look very different in two years or five years, but no matter what, the construction industry will play a key role in designing and executing those spaces.

We know that this is a difficult time, and our team is here to help you navigate through the challenges. We commend the city agencies for their rapid response to keep construction projects on track. While some details still need to be perfected, that will happen over time. We will continue to support the success of your projects by getting things done quickly, and in compliance.