SAFE reSTART Protects Public Health, Documents Compliance

SAFE reSTART Protects Public Health, Documents Compliance

By Michael Rattacasa

As New York City prepares to enter Phase 3 of reopening on July 6, The CASA Group, Inc. is helping businesses throughout the construction, commercial, hospitality, residential, and retail spaces open their doors safely.

The firm’s SAFE reSTART program offers a full range of solutions to help companies protect the health and safety of their clients, employees, and families. SAFE reSTART also ensures compliance with state reopening guidelines and regulatory best-practice recommendations. These industry-specific guidelines encompass physical distancing requirements; use of protective equipment; hygiene, cleaning, and disinfection; communication and preparedness plans; safety plans; and health screening.

With more than two decades of experience in environmental, health, and safety consulting, The CASA Group is supporting New York City businesses on multiple fronts.

Technology Solutions. SAFE reSTART features a diverse offering of technology solutions to track compliance, monitor sites remotely, and screen temperatures in a safe, contact-free manner.

Compliance Solutions. The CASA Group also helps organizations create detailed COVID-19 preparedness and safety plans. Other compliance services include on-site protocol assessment and audits, as well as disinfecting and hygiene services.

Staffing Solutions. Through the SAFE reSTART program, companies can also turn to The CASA Group for COVID-19 certified professionals, including site safety representatives and thermal screening professionals.

To learn how SAFE reSTART can create a custom reopening strategy and compliance protocols for your organization, contact The CASA Group at 212.233.6348.

Michael Rattacasa leads The CASA Group, which specializes in environmental consulting and industrial hygiene, site logistics and due diligence, code consulting and compliance analytics, and health and safety consulting.