Industry Weighs in on FDNY Rule re: Fire Alarm Inspections

Industry Weighs in on FDNY Rule re: Fire Alarm Inspections

By Bruno Caligara

As we reported last month, the New York City Fire Department recently proposed a rule to allow professional certification of certain fire alarm system defects. The virtual public hearing took place on Tuesday, August 25, 2020, and many industry professionals weighed in with their feedback.

Many of the suggestions requested clarification, such as additional information on those defects not eligible for correction through professional certification. Several respondents asked for more information about the process for issuing a Letter of Approval, including timeframes for issuing such letters.

Another common theme called for excluding representatives of the company that created the defects from certifying their correction, a measure designed to remove conflicts of interest. Other suggestions expanded the requirements for admitting engineers and architects into the professional certification program.

Among the more serious issues raised were liability concerns for licensed professionals since fire alarm systems are a matter of public safety.

The full public comments are available on the City of New York website.

We applaud the FDNY’s efforts to make the fire alarm sign-off process faster and more cost-effective. At the same time, we also commend the active involvement of the construction industry in the regulatory process, working toward the shared goal of ensuring public safety.

We will keep you informed as the proposed rule continues to evolve.

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