How to Request Expedited Review of Fire Alarm Resubmissions

How to Request Expedited Review of Fire Alarm Resubmissions

By Bruno Caligara

The New York City Fire Department (FDNY) recently released guidelines for requesting expedited review of resubmitted fire alarm applications. Applicants must submit their requests to the FDNY customer service center through 311 within 60 days. Only applications with three or fewer outstanding objections qualify.

Applicants must provide a signed and sealed statement that application changes are restricted to correction of issued objections. The resubmitted application package must include a copy of this statement, as well as a copy of the most recent objection letter.

Once administrative staff validate the request, the application will be forwarded for consideration. If the request for expedited review is denied, based on the resubmitted package or support documentation, the application will return to the queue for standard resubmission.

Ineligible Fire Alarm Applications

Approval for expedited review depends on the objections in the application. The following applications do not qualify for an expedited review:

  • Applications with pending TM-4/CCD-1 (or similar) determinations
  • Applications with objections regarding an unclear scope of work
  • Applications that reflect changes to scope of work after issuance of previous objections
  • Applications with objections for large discrepancies in the filing process (g., “withdraw this application,” “file under a separate application,” “this filing is not applicable due to . . .,” etc.)

Approval of a request for an expedited review does not guarantee plan approval or acceptance.

If you have questions or need assistance with fire alarm applications or other FDNY matters, please contact Metropolis Group at 212.233.6344.