A Message of Gratitude—and Wishes for Success in 2021

A Message of Gratitude—and Wishes for Success in 2021

By Frank Fortino

Here we are in the final month of a year unlike any other. We as individuals and as an industry have faced—and continue to endure—tremendous challenges. Our country as a whole continues to struggle as the pandemic takes a heavy economic toll, leaving many hungry, homeless, and unemployed. As a result, I find myself living blended days these past several months, filled with both worry and hope.

Dark as this time has been, we have also seen bright spots that restore our faith for a brighter future.

First, I would like to acknowledge and thank the staff and employees here at Metropolis Group. This year, as in years past, they have stepped up and maintained an unwavering commitment to providing exceptional service to our clients and friends. The daily displays of true loyalty and dedication to who we are as a firm overwhelm me, and I want to publicly thank you all for your support.

Special thanks also go to the New York City Department of Buildings. Their ability to serve our industry throughout this difficult time is nothing short of amazing. They continue to keep our great city moving forward, conducting inspections, issuing approvals, Temporary Certificates of Occupancy, and sign-offs.

In fact, the DOB has been working diligently to expand and improve its online portal, DOB NOW, and the upcoming release—scheduled for launch in two phases—will be the biggest to date. The updates build on the past releases and incorporate feedback from design professionals and other industry representatives. The phases are expected to roll out later this month and in January 2021, and we will provide more information on these changes in our next newsletter.

We at Metropolis truly appreciate everyone’s hard work on behalf of the industry and the public, and we are proud to partner with the DOB and other municipal agencies to keep our city safe. So thank you all for your service.

In addition, I wish to extend heartfelt thanks to our colleagues and collaborators in the real estate industry—owners, developers, lawyers, architects, engineers, contractors, and other professionals. We thank you all for your continuous support, trust, and faith in us to help support and realize your creative visions.

Last, but certainly not least, I’d like to thank my family. Their support has always sustained me, but this year, they have truly gone above and beyond by showing tremendous patience with me and my moods during this tumultuous time.

In short, I thank all of you. Especially this year, I feel grateful for all that everyone does.

There is room for improvement, but today, I believe that we all need to thank God for what we have and for our success in surviving this ugly pandemic.

Let us all enjoy our present blessings and continue on the road to recovery, personally and professionally.

I wish you all a very happy Hanukkah and a very merry Christmas. May we ring in the New Year with great hope for health and happiness—two key ingredients for success in many ways. Keep up the passion and inspiration!