FDNY Business Offers Payment and Withdrawal Options

FDNY Business Offers Payment and Withdrawal Options

By Frank Fortino

As you may already know, the New York City Fire Department (FDNY) is working hard to improve transparency and efficiency/productivity. FDNY recently expanded its online portal, FDNY Business, to offer online payments and refund requests, as well as application withdrawals. The new features streamline the payment and withdrawal process for Technology Management (TM) and Emergency Planning and Preparedness Group (EPPG) applications.

Online Payments and Refund Requests

Instead of navigating to the CityPay website and entering an FPIMS number, users can now make payments directly from FDNY Business. In addition, any outstanding payments for previously filed applications may also go through FDNY Business. All TM and EPPG applications must go through the FDNY portal, which can accept payments for other services and FDNY fees.

Fee Exempt Status. When submitting applications with “Fee Exempt” status, applicants must provide supporting documentation. Failure to provide this documentation will require payment of the application fee and may delay review.

Multiple Payments. In making online payments, all items in the shopping cart must be paid for with the same payment type. Applicants that want to apply different payment types to different items must complete a separate checkout process for each form of payment.

Refund Requests. Applicants can request refunds for previously paid applications by choosing “Initiate Application/Request” and clicking the “Request for Refund” radio button, a drop-down option on the “Select Type of Application” page. Users must provide the Record ID or Account number, select the “Reason for Requesting Refund,” and enter an explanation in the “Reason Details” text box. Applicants should provide any supporting documents to avoid delays during the review process.

Withdrawal Requests

All TM withdrawal requests, including Fire Alarm Withdrawals, must now be submitted online through FDNY Business. Users should select “Initiate Application/Request” from the home page and click the radio button next to “Technology Management Withdrawal Request” in the drop-down options under “Design and Installation Application.”

Fire Alarm Withdrawal requests will require immediate, online payment of the $585 fee to submit the request. Currently, other application types do not require fees for withdrawal requests. (Note: Fee structure is under review by FDNY and subject to change.)

While it will likely take some time to iron out the kinks in the new system, we applaud the latest effort by FDNY to better serve the community and the construction industry.

If you have any questions regarding these new procedures, or if you need help with your filings, please contact Metropolis Group at 212.233.6344.