June 30 Deadline Looms for 2020 Gas Piping Inspections

June 30 Deadline Looms for 2020 Gas Piping Inspections

Local Law 152 of 2016 requires that all buildings—excluding one- or two-family homes—with a gas piping system (GPS) must be inspected at least once every four years. Such inspections must be performed by either a Licensed Master Plumber (LMP) or a qualified individual working under the direct and continuing supervision of a LMP.

The inspection applies to exposed gas piping in non-tenant spaces, public spaces, hallways, corridors, and mechanical spaces that contain gas piping or gas utilization equipment. Tenant spaces are not subject to inspection.

GPS Inspection Extension Expires on June 30

The Department of Buildings (DOB) extended the compliance deadlines for owners of buildings in Community Districts 1, 3, and 10 in all boroughs. The extension applied both to performing the actual inspections and to submitting the GPS2: Gas Piping System Periodic Inspection Certification form.

  • Owners in these community districts have until June 30, 2021, to complete the inspections. A signed and sealed GPS2 form must be submitted to the DOB within 60 days of inspection.
  • Owners that had gas piping systems inspected between September 1, 2020, and December 31, 2020, must submit their inspection reports by June 30, 2021.

Failure to file the GPS2 form on or before the due date will incur a civil penalty of $10,000.

Conditions that Require Correction

If the inspection reveals condition that require correction, owners must complete these corrections within 120 days of the inspection date. If additional time is required for correction, the LMP can indicate this on the GPS2 form and extend the correction deadline to 180 days.

Upon completion of the repairs, the LMP must submit a new GPS2 form to the DOB, confirming that the conditions identified in the original inspection have been corrected.

Buildings Without Gas Piping Systems

Every building without a GPS—except one- and two-family homes—must be inspected by a registered design professional (professional engineer or registered architect) to certify that no GPS is present. Upon completing the inspection, the registered design professional must submit a GPS2 form that certifies the building does not have a GPS.

If you have any questions about these inspections or if you need assistance with filings, please contact Metropolis Group at 212.233.6344.